What's This?

Editorial Overlays: Use during offline, online, and design sessions to confirm that there will be no conflicts between your in show graphics and the network on-air graphics. There are four separate overlays, one for each act/on-air scenario.


Includes all graphics and bugs for the first :50 of the first act only.DOWNLOAD

Video Example

Please Note: Video examples demonstrate the placement of the Comedy Central network graphics over live video. They are examples only. The network graphics timing and placement is subject to change, within the rules provided in the Post Production and Delivery Guidelines. To ensure that your in-show graphics will clear the Comedy Central On Air graphics, you must adhere to these rules. Any deviations must be approved in advance by Post Production Operations.

Keyable Graphics Sample

**Please note: You must follow the network graphics placement rules as established in the Comedy Central Post Production and Delivery Guidelines. Any deviation from the guidelines must be approved in advance by Post Productions Operations.